Executive Search
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"I deal with a lot of search firms and they are by far the best.

"Outstanding, very responsive. He listened to everyone.
His integrity is probably the best thing.
 Todd was also fun to work with, which you don't always find in this business.

"Finding us the right CEO, was like the difference between having a company
and not having a company."
Debra Guerin
Co-founder & Managing Director
International Venture Fund


“Todd was extremely conscientious and persevering during a long search process.  Particularly, Todd could have been done with the process but talked me out of a candidate, which was in our best interest, but not in his best interest. 
Very high integrity.”

Ned Godshall

Founder & CEO

Altela, Inc.


"One of the better reasons that I was able to grow the Yankee Group 30% per year, top and bottom, was Todd Hand. I hired Todd as a recruiter... He was able to put 60 people of top notch quality per year into the Yankee Group. Todd has formed a new company, Talent Capital Group, which YankeeTek Ventures backed and which is doing the same sort of things for venture-backed companies.”
Howard Anderson
Professor at MIT Sloan
Co-Founder at Battery Ventures

Pre-screening candidates is a strength for Todd.
  He gets more into the business and really researches it so that he is

very knowledgeable.  Todd asks questions that challenge our team’s way of thinking."

Rusty Schmit

Founder of Advent Solar

Founder & CEO of CleanSwitch



     “Todd was our first recruiter. He made us feel comfortable with the process.

            He saw stuff that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise…. His integrity level

was always high. His ability to manage was very proactive.”
David Franklin
Co-founder, Chairman & CEO
Strategic Analytics Inc.



"I've been in this business for 25-30 years
and they are the best I've seen......We've been in shock with how good the candidates are.

"It's been uncanny how he's been able to find just the right people.
I trust him totally."
Jack Mark
Founder & CEO


“Todd demonstrated a working knowledge of our business at
the appropriate level. The placement was a very direct fit.
He worked the phones and did his research. Other recruiters in the past have been very lazy and stick strictly to their rolodex.
I felt that he did a lot of leg work.

He saw things that we didn’t. We value his opinion.

              He was always positive and enthusiastic. He’s always checking his work.
He’s kind of the quarterback.”
Dan Meyer
CoMeT Solutions



"I thought Todd was very open and honest.  His assessments were good and he is a man of his word.  The people we’ve hired had a good impression of him as well.  He is not only representing the candidates but he is representing your company while he’s out there.  We will work with him again."

Katie Hall, Ph.D.





"Overall it was a good experience.  We would use Todd again."

Gary Selwyn, Ph.D.

Founder, Chairman of the Board and CTO

APJeT, Inc.



“Todd’s accuracy on pre-screening candidates was very good….He had some really great perspectives. Todd has been the best by quite a bit. 
Others were more passive and Todd was more proactive….

Todd’s integrity level was very high.”
Christopher Ziomek
President & Founder
ZTEC Instruments

“Better than other executive search firms…They listen to you; are quick and efficient; really try to find the person to fit your firm. They are easy to talk to; really understood the position and listened to what we were looking for. Quick turnaround, great feedback.

“Found great VP of Marketing candidates. Intricate part of the business is finding qualified candidates. Very qualified candidates!”
Paul Kelley
Co-Founder & CTO
Seranoa Networks

"The relationship is better with Talent Capital….more attention. They are very dedicated;
free up a lot of time for the start-up company.

“I don't have to worry about finding people; Talent Capital does it for me. Recruiting either would take a lot of my time or it just wasn't getting done. Talent Capital is worth the money."
Matthias Wagner
Founder & CEO
Aegis Semiconductor


“I had expected to be impressed with you and your team, but you surpassed my expectations.  Thanks for working with us and being flexible.
As long as I've got a successful company that is hiring, you’re my man."
Brandon Busteed
Founder & Chairman
Outside The Classroom



“They take the time to learn what a company is really looking for! They have a never give up attitude!
Even if the search is extremely difficult they will still work hard at it!

Caliber is very high! Found a perfect match for what we needed!

Found us a big shot in the industry!”
Steve Sherman
Director of Manufacturing
Aegis Semiconductor


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